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Lilac Twist tile design by The Mysterious Pixie
"Lilac Twist" Scarf Design

Artist & 
Designer based in Hampshire, UK



I am the Mysterious Pixie.

I am a Fine Artist and Textiles Designer.

I am fascinated by playing with colour. I have found that Textiles is a fantastic way to express myself in the decorative arts. I have been developing collections of luxurious silk scarves. I am thrilled every time when a person invests in one of my scarves and appreciate that they have seen something in the design that has captured their interest and imagination.

I remember when I was a little girl. My Mother used to have a drawer of silk scarves, and I would quietly nose my way through them! Mum always knew that when it went quiet, that meant I was up to something! Always busy and interested in things.

My inspiration often occurs from being immersed in nature. Nature and the countryside are very important to me as I find it a tranquil place with extraordinary qualities; a place where there is an abundance of life and somewhere you can rejuvenate, draw energy and be inspired.

I found that I have a great interest and pleasure in working with colour and painting. I really enjoy the creative journeys which start from a flicker of imagination of an object or a flower. The inspiration can inspire you to experiment and play; through this you often find something unique evolves by chance and through experimentation. I like to call these happy accidents and the jewels of the design journey, and they must not be missed.

Happy accidents can evolve and change, I develop them through my knowledge and influences which have formed through my education, from learning about Art movements Art history and iconic Artists. Occasionally there is a concept or a story behind my work but often the story is about the journey I went on while researching my design and the brilliant places that the creative journey took me for the design to evolve. The people you meet along the way and the conversations and fun you have with people which is really important in life. These all help to improve ideas.

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